Micaela & Dan :: NJ Photography + Cinematography Wedding Photos

Some of the beautiful images you see grace this blog come from my friend and co-worker, Eric Sager. Eric is pretty much the man, and has been working with us for a few years now. We recently had the pleasure of shooting his brother's wedding, and it was a truly wonderful day. For those wondering, Eric was off the clock and I had the help of the always wonderful Stan Stolowski. So enjoy the images, and check out their super sweet highlight film here!


Sharon + Jon :: NJ Photography + Cinematography Engagement Shoot

A long time ago, in a galaxy really close by (ok this galaxy, actually West Orange NJ) I met Jon Gramcko. He's been my best friend since we were 7, and my wife is always impressed how much our IQ collectively drops when we get together.  Jon met Sharon on a taco crawl in NYC ( finding the best tacos, and eating them, it's basically the best thing since the invention of the taco ).  She is a wonderful match for someone I hold so dear, and I was able to go out with them and do an e-shoot. Enjoy!



Scott & Megan :: NYC E-shoot, Central Park

2 City e-shoots in a row, my stomach was excited (as well as my brain, I just always like to find good food when I have an excuse to be in the city). Megan and Scott came to us through a mutual friend, Connor, who used to work with us here at EW. He is definitely the man, and so obviously his friends are too. Enjoy this little bit of the day!



Disco Fries + Nick Hexum .. NJ Music Photography

We recently had the excellent opportunity to photograph some old friends, Nick Ditri and Danny Boselovic. Together they form a production duo named The Disco Fries. Recently they did a collaboration with Nick Hexum, lead singer of 311 and other projects. It was a great session and the song is amazing. Greg has a video coming of the session as well. Click the picture to see more!