Sunil & Smitha :: NYC E-shoot

It's funny how things naturally come in clusters. This was #2 of 5 e-shoots i have in a 30 day span (a relative oasis!) Sunil and Smitha are a dream to shoot though. And with locations like the Brooklyn Bridge, and Untermeyer park in Yonkers the day came together like a sweet dream. Check 'em out!


Lanre & Tiffany :: Love & Marriage in NYC :: NJ Wedding photography + cinematography

Lanre and Tiffany are such a fantastic couple, you may have seen Greg post their same day edit (which if you haven't, you really need to check it out here). Lanre is a film maker, so he knows what's up with visual aesthetics. Needless to say I was a bit more nervous than usual heading into the wedding day! However, the chemistry between Lanre and Tiffany is so fantastic, they oozed love, excitement, and style my job was fantastically fun that day. Go check out the SDE and here's a look at their day through photos. 

-Ben & Eric



Jon & Nicole :: Crystal Ballroom NJ Wedding photography & cinematography

Getting unexpected surprises on a wedding day can go two ways. Shooting Jon & Nicole's wedding was a lot of fun, and we got a great surprise. They told they wanted to do their photo session at Beacon Hill Country Club, in Atlantic Highlands. After their fantastic ceremony we set off, and when we arrived we were welcomed by the most spectacular view of NYC over the river. We weren't surprised by everyone's indomitable spirit, despite it being FREEZING out, or Jon and Nicole's enthusiasm for each other. Enjoy this look into their day!



Thank You, Couples

Because of all of your generous reviews, describing our company to be at the top of it's game and it's field, we have earned for the 6th year in a row, the WeddingWire Couple's Choice Award! 


Thank you to all of our amazing couples, past, present and future for being the best in every way. Without you, our lives would be a little less fulfilled. 


WeddingWire Endless Wave Studios Reviews, Best Wedding Photographers in Newark - 2015 Couples' Choice Award Winner

Victor & Kaitlyn :: Smithville Inn NJ Wedding Photography + Cinematography

New wedding time!  Victor and Kaitlyn got married at the Smithville Inn . It's a great venue, and the day was really full of joy. Despite it raining sideways most of the day (minus a nice little window during photo session) Everyone charged through the day excitedly, and Victor and Kaitlyn seemed to enjoy the day for what it was, their joining in love to create a new family. As usual, much thanks to my man Eric Sager for second shooting. Enjoy!


EW-17 copy.jpg
EW-21 copy.jpg
EW-37 copy.jpg
EW-40 copy.jpg

Matt & Danielle :: Princeton Engagement Shoot NJ Wedding photography and cinematography

We really do get cool couples here at EW. I know cool can be a relative term, when I think of it I think of the laid back, happy, in love people we get to photograph and spend time with. It's one of my favorite parts of my job. Matt and Danielle fit that bill to the tee. We had a great time traversing the grounds at Princeton University, taking pictures and chatting. E-shoots are always great for the couple to get a small glimpse of what being in front of a camera is like (and I always try to make it as easy as possible!) and for me to get to know the couple, which can only help smoothen the wedding day shoot. Here's a bit of our day, enjoy!


John & Jordan :: New Years Eve :: NJ Wedding Photography and cinematography

New Years Eve is actually my favorite holiday wedding date. If you're going to have a party and be celebrating already, adding all your family and friends really turns the night into the best kind of party. John and Jordan came to us through her brother Kyle (we shot Kyle & Leslie's wedding last year, and it was amazing, so the awesome level presented by John & Jordan was no big surprise). Held at the fantastic Madison Hotel, it's always great to work there. Happy new year to all who are reading this, and enjoy the look!


PS Shoutout to Eric Sager for second shooting with me and providing some of the stellar imagery seen below



Vows Giving You A Hard Time?

We understand.

There are so many ways to say "I do," but is there a "right" way? The answer is NO. A BIG FAT NO! You can repeat what the officiant says, memorize traditional vows or even be creative and write your own. You are not wrong by doing any of these options, but can one or the other enhance either your overall wedding experience, your marriage or more importantly...your wedding film (I kid)? Yes. 

Writing your own vows can tell a story and tell your spouse how you really feel. Trust me, I have been married for almost 5 years and with two kids, you sometimes forget how to say what you truly feel, and sometimes you don't even remember that you are still supposed to be romantic. I find that as time goes by, my emails, and texts to my wife have become more thought out over time, wether its in my apologies (i do that sometimes) or in my realization that I need to thank her for being her and caring for me so well. I find writing it down can do so much, so why not be the same with your wedding vows? It is. All we do is watch our film and listen to what we said to each other that day, and we realize that saying what was in our hearts not only provided our cinema team the tools they needed to tell our story best, but also provided us with the option to look back and remember how we felt that day and why we entered the struggle of marriage. If it weren't a struggle, it wouldn't be worth it. It is something we all much fight for, and never let go due to our forgetfulness. I value my marriage and the words I spoke that day. 


So in this honest guy's opinion, writing your own vows, and saying those words on your wedding day mean more than any other traditional vows, especially to your film. I added a nice example of this below. This Highlight Film shows the power of personally written vows. Enjoy!