Chris & Lindsay

This wedding/couple were fantastic! It was another late summer wedding I had the great pleasure of shooting. Chris and Lindsay got married at the Berkley Carteret Hotel in Asbury Park on a perfect day.  It was so pleasantly obvious that they share tremendous love for each other (and their dog), as well as with their family and friends. Thanks to Dan Ackerman for second shooting for me. Enjoy!

Jeremy & Amanda :: Epic Engagement Shoot :: Mohonk Mountain :: NJ wedding Photography

Got a doozy for you today. Jeremy and Amanda live in Colorado, but are getting married back here in good ol' Jersey. They wanted to keep that Colorado mountain feel for their engagement photos, so we set off to the Catskills and Mohonk Mountain House in New Paltz, NY. Being the 2nd time i've shot there, I was super duper pumped, because I knew what to expect. Not only that, but Amanda wanted to feel free to let us explore the area surrounding mohonk (which led to some super legit locations). I was so pumped that i brought Eric with me, because I wanted to cram in as much awesome as possible. I think I've said Awesome enough, here are the photos.


William & Jacqueline :: Celebration in Brooklyn :: NJ & NYC Wedding photography + cinematography

What a wild day. Will and Jacqueline were eager to join together in marriage, and eager to get down and party. The day spanned across the city, winding up at The Liberty Warehouse in Brooklyn. It was a really good party you guys, Jubilant may be the word I use to describe the atmosphere. As always thanks to Eric Sager for some of the great images, and here's a look at the day, enjoy!




Sunil & Smitha :: Westmount Wedding :: NJ Photography + Cinematography

New goods! Sunil and Smitha were a blast to shoot, I had a feeling that would be the case after our fantastic engagement shoot. The day ranged from their houses, to the expansive Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart in Newark, finishing at Westmount Country Club. Check it out, enjoy!


CJ & Leanne :: Celebrate Love :: NJ Wedding photography and Cinematography

Wedding days are about so much more than the wedding. When a couple is more excited to be united in love than about just the day, it shows (and makes our job incredibly easy!). That was definitely the case with CJ & Leanne. Besides being just fantastic people, you could feel the love, not just between them, but from everyone at the wedding. And that's what a good wedding is, everyone celebrating two people coming together. Here's some of the day, enjoy! As usual, thanks to Eric Sager for some of the excellent images below!



John & Gina :: Love in Long Beach Island :: NJ Wedding Photography + Cinematography

John and Gina are just fantastic people. My job is always enjoyable, but with John and Gina it was a blast. Between their engagement shoot, them having Greg and I to their house for dinner, and scoping out LBI before hand together, we showed up and fell right into the groove of their wedding day with them. (Which spurs a side note for future/potential couples, we love doing this type of stuff with people! The better we can get to know you before hand, the better we can express who you are with our photos/films!). They had some super cool locations like Spray beach Chapel, and The Boathouse, combined with some of their own style. I'm going to stop writing and just show the photos! Much thanks to Eric Sager as always for some of the awesome images you see below. Enjoy!