We understand.

There are so many ways to say "I do," but is there a "right" way? The answer is NO. A BIG FAT NO! You can repeat what the officiant says, memorize traditional vows or even be creative and write your own. You are not wrong by doing any of these options, but can one or the other enhance either your overall wedding experience, your marriage or more importantly...your wedding film (I kid)? Yes. 

Writing your own vows can tell a story and tell your spouse how you really feel. Trust me, I have been married for almost 5 years and with two kids, you sometimes forget how to say what you truly feel, and sometimes you don't even remember that you are still supposed to be romantic. I find that as time goes by, my emails, and texts to my wife have become more thought out over time, wether its in my apologies (i do that sometimes) or in my realization that I need to thank her for being her and caring for me so well. I find writing it down can do so much, so why not be the same with your wedding vows? It is. All we do is watch our film and listen to what we said to each other that day, and we realize that saying what was in our hearts not only provided our cinema team the tools they needed to tell our story best, but also provided us with the option to look back and remember how we felt that day and why we entered the struggle of marriage. If it weren't a struggle, it wouldn't be worth it. It is something we all much fight for, and never let go due to our forgetfulness. I value my marriage and the words I spoke that day. 


So in this honest guy's opinion, writing your own vows, and saying those words on your wedding day mean more than any other traditional vows, especially to your film. I added a nice example of this below. This Highlight Film shows the power of personally written vows. Enjoy!