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Together since high school. People doubted they'd last. They did.

It is the year of the high school sweetheart I feel like. Never before in my nearly 14 year career in wedding cinema have I ever seen this many couples married after being high school, or even middle school sweethearts. It is inspiring. This couple happened to be paired for a report in high school, as a couple, and the project was to tell the story of your wedding. They told their story, complete with a honeymoon and here they are today, living that very project. This kind of stuff is only found in books and movies I thought, but today, the rules have changed. Wonderful couples like Christina + Jonathan are falling in love at an early age and they stay in love, something that is becoming more and more common, and I like that. It follows in the footsteps of great people like my parents, together in high school and married 41 years before dad's passing. This is the stuff that I live for, because it is special and beautiful. Please enjoy this awesome SDE!

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