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A funny thing happens when you have a 21 year old guy working for you since he was 16...eventually you film his high school teachers weddings! In this case it was his cross country coach, Kyle. Ryan begged to be on this wedding, so I couldn't keep that from him, and when I asked him if it was weird to be around his old teachers outside of school, he said it was a little, but that they all treated him like he wasn't a regular student in school, that it was more like seeing old friends. Ryan always has been very smart and mature, and wise beyond his years so I understand this.

On this day, I arrived to Brianne's house and found out that there was only power in about two rooms of the house after horrible thunderstorms took out a transformer across the street. So with a makeshift AC unit and extension cords stretching throughout the house for hair dryers and airbrushes and other various electronic items, we carried on...pushed through the heat and sweat just a little bit. By the time it was time to go to the ceremony, Brianne was so used to the heat that the walk around the block to the church was not a concern at all. She was simply ready to see her Dark Knight, Kyle. The guys clearly love super heroes, I mean...who doesn't? This was a fun wedding through and through. We laughed all day and we celebrated a real of the ones that you remember for years because they truly love each other.

Enjoy this highlight film!