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Yesterday, my wife and I took my son to a small circus that came to town. Since owning the GH4, I haven't taken much time for the slow motion features in the camera. I decided to shoot the whole evening in 96fps and see how it came out.

Now, I was not allowed to film in there apparently, so I had to use the viewfinder the entire time which allowed me to look like I was snapping photos. Since I was not playing the images back, I couldn't see the flicker until I was editing. UGH. I should have filmed at 120fps and problem would be solved, but I didn't, so I tried the Philip Bloom ( trick of doubling up your footage on another track and then slipping it one frame and pulling the opacity to about 50%, however I guess the flicker was more than every other frame, because I could not rectify the situation. Lesson learned. To make up for it a bit, I made the film B+W which seemed to take my eye off the flicker a bit, but maybe it is just me.

I shot totally handheld, with three points of contact on the camera at all times aside from walking shots. I was able to get very smooth shots with my up to the viewfinder. I used the Metabones Speedbooster (Nikon Mount) with my Sigma 18-35mm f1.8. This performed really well, and was surprisingly the right focal length for most of the event.

Please enjoy this film, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask!