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Photography :: John Arcara Photography -
Venue :: The Oyster Point Hotel -
Entertainment :: Elite Entertainment (Kris Abrahamson) -

Weddings are always great to film due to the long day...sound strange? Here is why :: During that long day which sometimes lasts us up to 15 or more hours, there can be not only a range of emotions, but also a variety of weather. In this case I arrived to the bride's home and it was raining. Its never fun to work in the rain, but we deal with it. By the time we were through the ceremony, and we were going to the photo session in Red Bank, we were graced with blue skies and fluffy clouds. It is a real treat to see the weather turn for the better and it always is so interesting to watch how dynamic each couple's wedding day can be, if we are given the right amount of time to be with the couple and if there is a great story like most of our couples have. This was a great day, and as you can see from the rings and shoe shots, we had really cool backdrops for this wedding all day long! And if you are wondering, yes, we go to starbucks in Red Bank with lots of couples these days! It seems to be a place where couples meet and fall in love! Enjoy this highlight!