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Being that Kelly's family have been important in my life since I was a little freshman in high school, I am always excited to see them. I am excited to see Frank, who taught me music for 4 years and who I consider to be a great influence on me, Sue, who was a friend and always put me in my place when needed and Frank, who I love to see on the stage, singing like an absolute pro. But, to see Kelly find a man like Adam is one of the most exciting things I have seen for this family. He is just good. He loves her like crazy and clearly will be an awesome husband to her. Its a good thing too, because she has competition from the other husbands in the family who are great guys and good fathers too. Its nice to come so far from being kids, to see such a great family have so much happiness. I am in love with that feeling, knowing that people that I truly care about are happy and cared for. This family has always been so good to me and I hope they know its appreciated and that is why I, along with my amazing team, worked so hard on this film for them. Please enjoy!