I love this wedding. Gio and Melissa made my life so easy on this day. Their overflowing joy was across their faces all day, and happy people are almost always easy to photograph. They held the wedding at Melissa's parent's house in Colt's Neck NJ, and although it was a back yard wedding, they went all out (without losing the charm that comes with hosting a wedding in your own back yard). This is going to be a long one, small looks into each part of their day, and if you want you can check out their super awesome Same Day Edit. Awesome Eric Sager was on the job with me, and absolutely killed it, so thanks, Eric. Which by the way, I always get asked at client meetings about the second shooters we use. Eric and Dan are my main guys, and as you can see below Eric's work and mine blend together perfectly (as does Dan's). So if you're here because I referenced this post to you in a meeting, hello! Enjoy!





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