I get to do some stupid-cool things.


In my travels with Back In Time, I have been fortunate enough to meet amazing actors, designers, pyro-technitions, and enthusiasts. Myself, being a huge fan of the trilogy Back To The Future, I am a kid in a candy story when meeting Michael J. Fox, or Jeffrey Weissman, or James Tolkan. These are just a few of the names from this film I have met, and it has been inspirational and exciting. Someday I can look back and say, I helped tell the backstory of BTTF. Something only a handful of people from this production can say. Being a cinematographer on such a film has been amazing and I am so happy that I can share these moments with family, friends and fans of Endless Wave Studios. Moving deeper into our role filming documentaries, we have a new project called 184 coming out next year. Check it out at www.1eight4.com. Enjoy the behind the scenes video we produced for Back In Time!