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Being introduced into your reception can be as simple as someone calling out your name with loud music blaring and lights flashing, or as amazing as this! Josh really had a vision for this couples introduction. He wanted to make a statement and wanted to have the feel of a big sporting event of sorts. He wanted to bring everyone to their feet and get them ready to dance all night (which they did) and he wanted to pay tribute to his grandfather (he always said yo yo yo!) in a fitting way. All of this wrapped into one film is not easy to make happen, but I think we rose to the occasion with some help in the form of an awesome voice over by our friend at SCE Event Group, Tony Tee Neto! He smashed this one and made it come to life. This film set the tone for what would be a terrific event. Sal from Extravagant Entertainment did a great job setting the stage for, and playing the film on his screens, and really helped hype it up! Enjoy this powerful Intro Film!