Having filmed Stephanie's sisters' wedding last year, we knew we had to make it awesome once again for an amazing family. Its always interesting being in the same place twice, same place the dress was, same room Cassandra got ready in, but how different the feel of the films can still be. Last year, I shot Cassandra + Jason's wedding, and this year Joe, Joe M. and Ryan shot this one. Its still Endless Wave, but its great because they were able to create a totally new feel for Stephanie + Michael. So instead of it being cookie cutter in any way, it is fully custom and shots were never repeated between the two weddings. And did you see those boots? Badass! Okay anyway, awesome wedding, love this family and I am thrilled to show this film off. Enjoy!



Venue :: Eagle Ridge Golf Club - eagleridgegolf.com
Photography :: Artist European Photography - artisteuro.com
Entertainment :: WeddingSetGo - weddingsetgo.com