A backyard wedding you ask? This is the way to do it. Its simple, really... have an amazing estate, have an amazing family, hire amazing event planners, florists, caterers and bands and then call in a favor from Mother Nature and you are winning. I am so thankful for the things I get to witness. Seeing people commit their lives together for the last 15 years has been some of my most rewarding memories, and I was deeply reminded of that today while filming for such a loving couple. A bride who's smile literally never left her face. A groom who had tears down his cheeks the moment he saw his bride. Its all a reminder of why we do this. Enjoy their SDE.

Pros :: 

Wedding Planner :: Pumpkin Coach Events - pumpkincoachevents.com
Entertainment :: Hank Lane Band - hanklane.com
Florist :: Flowerful Events - flowerfulevents.com