Don't be scared.

Reading something so personal can scare people away from doing it out loud, on camera. The words are being read for the first time, they mean more than anything that person has ever written in their life and you are anxious about your day as it is. We totally understand that feeling. Here are our suggestions to get you through it:

1. For photography, the sound is not important. In situations where you do not have a cinematographer, read to yourself. The photo team will still capture your emotions, and you won't have to reveal your letter if you do not want to.

2. Close the door. Have your friends and family stay out of the room while you read your letter. If you are nervous about it, they don't have to be there. 

3. With a cinema crew, you are giving them content. If you read your letter out loud, you fill the filmmaker with ideas on how to tell your story. 

4. Open the door. Bring family and friends in to enjoy it with you. Unlike number 2 on our list, some brides and grooms need the company. Having people to share these moments with, for some, means more to them than the letter itself. 

5. Take your time. If you do read it out loud, take your time. If you stumble over a word, you can go back and read it again. The beauty of editing will pull your sentences together and sound like you did not miss a beat.

Screen Shot 2016-10-12 at 11.49.00 PM.png

Hopefully this short list helps you decide how you want to approach reading a letter from your fiancé on the wedding day. Now, if you could only read his chicken scratch!