The morning of your wedding can be a pretty stressful couple of hours. As a Groom, you definitely want to make sure you are showered, have your vows perfected and deliver a gift to your bride. Plan a few activities for you and your boys to do , before you say “I do.” 

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A groom’s morning typically consists of: Showering + Eating + Getting Dressed + Opening present from bride + Drinking.  

Keep in mind, we encourage you to do more than just sit around and watch tv because we want to be able to provide you with the best footage possible. If you do some of these activities listed below, even for a short period of time, your day will be more enjoyable and our crew will be able to capture more interesting moments for your story. 

If you’re wondering what else you can do with those extra hours you have before the ceremony, here are some ideas.

 1. Breakfast Reservations

 You want to make sure you have a substantial meal in you before you start your day. Make reservations at your favorite local breakfast spot.

2. Golf

This can take up your entire morning, so make sure you plan ahead for an early tee time. Schedule accurately so you have enough time to get ready for the ceremony. 

3. Go for a run/walk

You don’t want to overdo it. Keep the walk or run at a comfortable distance and pace where you are able to enjoy the outdoors, get a quick workout in and relieve some stress. If you have a dog, bring him along.  

4. Jump in the pool 

If the weather is nice and you have access to a pool, take a dive and go for a swim. Make sure to apply your SPF. You want to BRING home the bacon, not LOOK like bacon.

5. BBQ

The SPF rule applies here also. Grab some burgers and hot dogs to throw on a grill and get some fresh air. 

 Take a selfie with a horse...if that's what you're into.

Take a selfie with a horse...if that's what you're into.

6. Play cards

 You might be able to win a couple bucks in poker for your honeymoon.

7. Outdoor Sports

Basketball, baseball, football, hockey, soccer, corn hole, bocce, etc. Use the SPF rule here as well. Even just throwing a football back and forth with your best man could be great for your wedding video. 

8. Reminisce

Check out old photos on your Facebook or, if possible, have a friend bring a yearbook to remember old times together and how you’ve progressed in life. Also, your brace-faced, bleached hair high school picture would be great to capture on film. 

9. Go surfing

Live by the ocean? Grab your board and your bros and go for a morning surf before you start your day.

10. Get Pampered

Who says the Bride is the only one that should be well pampered that day? Round up the boys and go for straight edge shaves. They are manly, relaxing and will give you a clean, smooth face that your bride won't be able to resist. 

Scene from the Jim Carrey Movie Dumb & Dumber (1994)

 WARNING : Don't do this to the person shaving you.

11. Drink. Responsibly.

You don’t want to be a stumbling fool or slur your vows at the altar. Have fun but keep it to a minimum. You didn't pay for an open bar for nothing.

Think of what you want your photos and film to look like and plan your morning around what you envision. You want footage that represents what you love and what makes you happy. Engaging in meaningful activities before your ceremony can help de-stress a Groom and make storytelling more enjoyable and fun for our crew.



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