Deciding on a location to get ready on your wedding day is definitely a major task that sometimes couples don’t think too much about, until the last minute. In choosing a place to get ready, you want to make sure you have a big enough space to accommodate yourself, the bridal party, family, the cinematographers, photographers and anyone else that will be getting ready with you as well as making sure the location has some windows for good lighting. You want to be able to have everything in order well in advance for a stress-free wedding, so this is definitely a small-something to add to your wedding to-do list!


Here are some options to choose from:



Hotels are always a great option for a place to get ready. You don’t have to worry about cooking or cleaning, since room service is just a call away and there is housekeeping to tidy up your room. Depending on where you reception is, you may have a hotel at the same place as that location or just a quick shuttle away. Staying at a hotel gives the option for your guests who are planning to stay the night to book a room where you are staying. This also gives you an option to book a nice brunch the next day for all of your guests who have stayed over or take advantage of a free continental breakfast, whichever the hotel can accommodate or what you prefer.


Air BnB

Air BnB is one of the hottest new trends when it comes to overnight accommodations and you are able to book your stay right on your smartphone or tablet. It ranges from apartments, houses, lofts, to even castles, depending on the area that you are looking to stay. You are able to view pictures of the available locations online, where you can decide which is best for you to rent according to decor and size. Endless Wave recently filmed a wedding where the house was spectacular and was told they booked it though Air BnB, which we thought was a fantastic idea. Full kitchens that you can stock up, bathrooms and multiple bedrooms for your bridal party to comfortably fit - you don’t need to worry about having a bunch of people tracing through your own house at typically an affordable cost. You'll want to either go to a local grocery store to stock up the kitchen or find a restaurant nearby that can cater some food/beverage options for the morning of your wedding. 



You & Your Partner’s Home

No brainer, this is an easy place to get ready. At your place, you are familiar with where everything is, your friends and family that are getting ready with you already know how to get there and you won’t have to worry about packing a bag and possibly forgetting anything needed for your special day. Your own decor and memories that you have created in your shared home will add sentimental value to your film and photos. If you have a pet together, you can pose with it for that added "awe factor."


Your Parent’s/ Family Member’s Home

This is another really easy and popular location to get ready due to knowing where everything is and everyone attending knowing where it is. This also adds a lot of sentimental value to your footage from the day. Whether its getting ready in the room that you grew up in, posing in meaningful, memorable spots around the house or near family heirlooms. Also, most parents or family members would be honored and feel more included if you use their home for a key part of your wedding day. 

Remember, the location where you chose to get ready, will be in the background of your photos and film and add to your wedding story that you will forever have. In planning for your big day, make sure you if you can, pick a picture-worthy place!



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