Bride: Meghan Jennings

Groom: Brian Jennings

Wedding Date: 11/21/2015

Location: Jack Baker’s Lobster Shanty

Point Pleasant, NJ

Lead Photographer: Ben

Lead Cinematographer: Ryan

Interviewed By: Gab Carbonetto


What services did you use with Endless Wave?

We used their Cinematography and Photography for our Wedding Day.


What made you choose Endless Wave over any other Photography or Cinematography company?

Brian and I have watched all of the highlight films posted to Facebook, probably every single one of them and were completely blown away by what we saw. There was a couple that got married a few months before Brian and I and they used Endless Wave. I had posted online that we were using Endless Wave for our wedding and she left a comment saying how much of a great job they did at her wedding and that I would love working with them. Another girl I work with actually knew someone who used Endless Wave as well and said they are nothing but fabulous, professional and the quality of the photos and cinema were amazing. 


What was your favorite memory that Endless Wave captured throughout your wedding day?

There are so many different candid pictures from the reception and getting ready that we didn't even know were being taken at the time. Some of my favorite pictures were taken when my bridesmaids and I were just sitting around laughing, while hair and makeup were being done. You can see true joy in everyone's faces and it's even better not having to stage those feelings and just going about your day not knowing those moments were being captured. The team captured every moment that can't ever be replicated and did not miss a thing.

However, my absolute favorite moment that was captured was when Brian and I read each other's letters that we wrote to one another. This was such a tender moment for us, reading our letters and letting our emotions run all over the place. Having that captured on film forever is so important and being able to look back at that moment for the rest of our lives is so special to me. 


Do you have any advice for Brides-To-Be about using Endless Wave?

I absolutely have not one negative, all positives working with this company. My advice to future couples would be to "Just go with it." Go with what they suggest and go with what they tell you to do. They are absolute professionals who know exactly what they are doing. 

When Greg was working on my film, I asked him if he could add in a certain song that I like. He told me that if the song would fit, he would put it in for me. The song didn't fit or make it into our film and I am SO glad that it didn't because my suggestion didn't even go with our film or the story being told. If Greg would have listened to me, our story wouldn't have went with the song that I wanted. You can give them your suggestions if you feel like you need to, but they will be 100% honest with you and do what they know will end up being the best to tell your love story. 


How did it feel being followed around by a team all day?

I was more nervous thinking about it than when it actually happened. In the beginning of the day, you're more aware of what you're saying or where you are looking and then after a little while it just all goes away. You forget that they are there and you just continue to go about your day. The team is really amazing and so professional that you don't even realize that they are there. You don't want the footage from your day look staged so just talk, laugh and just enjoy your day and before you know it, you won't even notice the cameras around you.


How pleased are you with the quality of your photos and highlight film?

I am pleased beyond words. I cry everytime I watch it and so does Brian. He tears up whenever we watch our film, and to see a man do that - you know it's an amazing job. Friends, relatives and everyone that sees what Endless Wave has done for us are blown away by the results. 


If you had to work with Endless Wave all over again, is there anything that you would change?

I would definitely do engagement photos. Brian proposed in December and I went back and forth with it for a while. By the time I decided that maybe we should do it, it was Spring and I thought that maybe it was too late to do a photoshoot at that time, since we had been engaged since the Winter. 


How likely are you to recommend Endless Wave to your friends and family?

I would 100% recommend everyone I know to use them! Anyone getting married, engaged or looking for a photography/cinematography company in general, I would absolutely recommend them for everything. My sister just got engaged a few weeks ago and I already told her all about Endless Wave!


How would you describe your overall experience working with Endless Wave on your special day?

Even after watching all of the films, I really didn't know what to expect, but it was so much more than I ever could have imagined it would have been. The crew captured the day, the meaning of the day in such a way that I don't think is possible for anyone else to do. I am so happy and grateful to have this and would recommend Endless Wave to anyone.

I think what made everything so much more special is that in the moment you may not necessarily see and understand what they see or are doing but then when we looked at our pictures and our film it all makes sense. The way they captured the sunset, the emotions and our entire story is more than I ever imagined.  

When you actually sit and watch any of the films that Endless Wave produces, it's hard to believe that its not a movie set and that it's real life. I am so, so pleased. 

I've been to other weddings where the camera guy tries to interview you and you're like "what do I say?" and it gets so uncomfortable and awkward. None of my guests felt that way.  The Endless Wave team was really amazing. I can definitely say...NO CHEESINESS at all! Everyone was extremely professional and talented. 

 I know that Greg has had the company for a while now and its amazing to see how important it is to him. From the quality of talent that he hires, to the amount of work he puts into his editing, is unlike any other. I am beyond pleased with my decision to work with Endless Wave Studios and will forever cherish the amazing moments they have captured for Brian and I.