Being a Maid of Honor or Best Man comes with a lot of responsibilities There are many duties that go into these roles, more than just planning the bachelor/bachelorette party and giving a speech at the reception. You should be present for every phase of wedding planning as well emotionally being there for your best friend.

Here is a list of simple things to make sure you do as a Maid of Honor or Best Man to successfully fulfill your role:



1. Attend all wedding events. 

2. Be there to help them choose their color palette/tux styles/bridesmaid dresses.

3. Organize the bridesmaid's/ groomsmen’s fittings.

4.  Make a check list of everything needs, i.e. shoes, jewelry, hair pieces, cuff links, etc. and text or email the bridal party the night before the wedding to make sure everyone has everything packed and ready to go.


5.  Give them a drink in the morning so they can relax.

6. If there are any kids in the wedding party, make sure they are occupied and not getting in anyone's way.

7. Help the bride/groom get dressed in the morning.

8. Teeth/face check - Are you really a best friend if you let them walk around with food in their teeth all day?

9.  Hold the bride’s bouquet while she is exchanging her vows/ hold the rings as the BM.

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10. Be there to sign the marriage license as the witnesses.

11. Make sure the bride/groom are smelling fresh and looking their best. You might need to assist in hair/makeup touchups throughout the night.

12. Be their shoulder to lean on during emotional times. Wedding days are filled with many mixed emotions, so make sure you stick by your best friends side to help them with their different stages of feelings throughout the day.

13. Get a quick bridal party selfie in before the ceremony.



14. Make sure the bride/groom gets to eat throughout the day. It's very easy for a bride and groom to forget to eat on the day of their wedding, you need to be the one with a plate of food and a refreshed drink for them. 

15. Be there to assist the bride with her veil and dress bustle. 

16. Be the positivity that they need. Keep them laughing and stress-free throughout the entire day. 

17. Make sure everyone is out on the dance floor having a good time.

    -Gab-  Endless Wave Blogger



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