Ever get worried it is going to rain on your wedding day? Well for Kate & James it did, a whole bunch. It was weird i'll rain for like 20 minutes, then stop for 5 then DELUGE for 1 minute and take a break kind of rain. But that really didn't matter to them, in the perspective of marrying one of your favorite people in the world, a little rain doesn't make much of a splash (apologies for the aquatic pun). Kate and James are just flat out fantastically nice people, as was evident through the wedding, speeches, the whole night, there was a feeling of love and community in the room that was palpable. I had a feeling that would be the case, even in our limited time getting to hang out with them, like eating super yummy food at Talula's in Asbury Greg and I were getting super jazzed for their wedding day (despite whatever weird facial expression I have in this photo may look like. I will be the first to tell you i'm not great IN FRONT of the camera).


Anyways, here is a look at their day! Thanks to Eric for some of the goodness below. Enjoy!