I'm pretty excited about this post. Emmie and I have known each other since middle school (Grover Cleveland in the house!). And had a myriad of activities, largely band, together in high school. When she contacted me about shooting her wedding I was very honored to be able to do it. Adam and I met for the first time after they booked. It was at Carton Brewing in Atlantic Highlands (which if you've never been, go!), and we instantly bonded over beer and food. I think Emmie, Adam and I could talk about food for days, it's always a pleasure to be in the presence of fellow food nerds. The wedding was set at Peppadew Fresh Vineyard in Morganville, a relative newcomer to the wedding venue scene, and the grounds were absolutely perfect. Another perfect we had was the weather, probably one of the gentlest days (maybe a touch warm in the afternoon sun) we've had all year. As if all of this wasn't awesome enough, I got to see a bunch of friendly faces from high school that I haven't seen in over a decade. So take a look! This is just a sneak peek, there will be a more thorough blog post a little down the line. Enjoy!