Once again, I cannot believe what we are able to achieve. This SDE is special to me because we crushed it, the bride and groom are thrilled, and making these two happy was really important to me. They both have thoughts about what they want their film to look like and I wanted to be sure to give them those things. This easy going couple were set to meet with me at my office for the first time last fall, and when they didn't show, I called them to find out if they were still coming in. I got through and Helen's mother answered and informed me that Helen had been in a bad car accident. I talked with her for a while and expressed my feelings and how I wished for her speedy recovery. I called later that week to check in, not a business call, but just a call to see how this bride was recovering. Another nice phone call led to this amazing relationship between myself and the couple. One that I honestly love. These two make you feel so cared for, and like you are their family. They are two people that belong together and that bring others together. They build people up and they are honest good people. I couldn't be more thrilled that they were so happy tonight after seeing this. Here is their SDE!