My name is Grace. I was raised in Western Massachusetts, but moved to NYC in 2011. More recently, I moved out to Montclair, NJ, which has quickly become one of my favorite places in the world.

I've lived a strange path career-wise; I left college at a great art school in Manhattan (SVA!) to become a public speaker at 80+ colleges around North America and Europe for one of my photography projects.  I was able to really experience life at such a young age and I will forever be grateful for the opportunity.  After 3 years of constant traveling, I decided  I was ready to settle down and finally make photography my full time gig.

I think the reason why I love my job so much is because I love people so much. I'm notorious in my group of friends for not being able to go anywhere without making friends with a stranger; if I could talk to people for 24 hours a day, I would.  I am endlessly fascinated by humans - how we love, how we interact, how we exist in general. My aim in my work is to capture the essence of that, to capture the essence of a person or a family or a love without being intrusive.