In our opinion, we wouldn't even have weddings if a wedding wasn't only meant to be a memory.

Let us explain...

When a couple gets married, its all about a marriage, not a wedding. A wedding is an event to have memories from. That is why we are there filming everything. If it wasn't for the memory, people would simply get married in a court house and spare themselves all the planning, spending and sometimes stress.

When we take on a new wedding couple, we become just as invested in that wedding as that couple. We are in this industry for one reason :: Preserve couples' memories in the most beautiful and cinematic way possible. Forget about the food, entertainment and flowers for one second...we mean it, only one second. Imagine you have no imagery of the wedding 20 years from now. That is why everyone should have a film. 

Having filmed close to one thousand weddings since 2001, we know the impact the film has on a couple, and us. We are still amazed by the feeling we get from a great film, a great couple and their family or just a single great shot during the day. 

Our mission is to always create beautiful imagery, tell a great story and capture the essence of the day while never interjecting ourselves into the day. In other words, we keep it organic. We do not stage, and do not reenact. We do not create moments, we capture them as they actually happen.

We are Endless Wave.